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The preferred tertiary education provider upholding Christian values in the Pacific.


Empower graduates through quality Adventist education for dedicated service.


Vibrant faith, open-mindedness, creative thinking, honesty, the pursuit of excellence, respect diversity, positive learning environment, holistic, healthy.


• To demonstrate to students that Christian philosophy touches every area of life.
• To encourage students to become and remain aware of the importance of their individual commitment to God.
• To provide opportunities for and encourage students to develop and maintain their own personal devotional life.
• To provide opportunities for students to make and secure lifetime decisions for Christ in worship, church services, Bible classes and through personal interaction with staff and other students.
• To provide opportunities for students to participate in church outreach and worship programmes.
• To demonstrate that all areas of academic study need to be approached within a true Christian framework.
• To assist students to recognize and achieve their full potential, both academically and throughout life.
• To encourage the achievement of academic excellence through cooperation rather than competition.
• To identify students who may be experiencing difficulties (for whatever reason) and to provide appropriate remediation and counselling.
• To prepare students for responsible citizenship, leadership and family life.
• To foster harmony in all social interactions by encouraging understanding, respect and love for all people, whether from the same culture or cross-culturally.
• To encourage healthy and responsible Christian interaction between genders.
• To provide opportunities for students to develop lasting friendships across the barriers of religion, age, race and culture.
• To develop in students a sense of responsibility and accountability for all they do.
• To foster balanced physical development through a well-developed work study programme.
• To encourage students to adopt and practice sound health principles.
• To provide a broad range of activities whereby students can develop skills that will be useful in life.


Holistic  education through faith, service, learning and hope..

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Spiritual Development

To foster the spiritual development of students and staff.

Goal 2: Student Life

To enhance the quality and development of student life.

Goal 3: Academic Programs

To provide and develop relevant high quality programs recognized by national and international professional bodies.

Goal 4: Staff & Staffing

To recruit and retain highly qualified, committed, caring Christian staff.

Goal 5: Resources & Infrastructure

To develop and maintain improved infrastructure incorporating up to date technology.

Goal 6: Financial Sustainability

To establish viable industries to support the financial operation of the institution.

Goal 7: Promotion and Partnership

To effectively develop plans for promoting and creating partnerships with key stakeholders.

Goal 8: University Status

For Fulton to obtain full University Status

About Fulton Adventist University College

Fulton Adventist University College is a member of a worldwide chain of institutions owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist church. With its location in Fiji, it comes under the administration of the Trans-Pacific Union of Seventh-day Adventists. Fulton Adventist University College has been educating people since 1940. Throughout its history, the college has upheld the ideals and principles of Christian education by promoting a program of balanced personal development. Its graduates can be found throughout the Pacific and in many other parts of the world. The educational services of the college span the island countries of Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Tuvalu, New Caledonia, Cook Islands, French Polynesia, Kiribati, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands. Its services are also offered to Pacific Islanders, and other interested individuals, living in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. Fulton Adventist University College endeavours to prepare men and women for service to mankind thus fulfilling its mission. Fulton College is committed to its mission, that is, to provide a tertiary education in a Christian environment through quality instruction and to empower men and women of the Pacific Islands to achieve excellence in academic studies and professional training for service to island communities.

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History of Fulton Adventist University College

The need for a training school in Fiji for Seventh-day Adventists was recognized at the turn of the century by pioneer missionary John E. Fulton. The property was secured at Buresala on the island of Ovalau and the Buresala Training School was opened in 1905. Other training institutions were later established in Navuso (Wainibuka, Viti Levu), Samabula (Suva) and Vatuvonu (Vanua Levu). In order to respond to rising educational standards and to overcome the inconvenience of the Ovalau and Navuso sites, the Church decided to consolidate their educational work in Fiji. A site on King’s Rd Tailevu, about 50 Kilometres from Suva, was secured and the relocation and construction of new premises commenced in 1940. A number of buildings from the old school sites (Buresala and Navuso) were dismantled, transported to the new site and reconstructed. The new institution, named in honour of Pastor John E. Fulton, opened in 1941 and quickly drew enrolments from all parts of the South Pacific. In 2014, Fulton relocated to a new property at Sabeto near to Nadi Airport. Fulton has continued to respond to the educational needs of the Pacific Islands and has developed its programmes to degree level, gained accreditation from some regional bodies and seen its graduates employed by organisations and governments throughout the region. In order to achieve greater synergy between its educational institutions, the Church has established the Adventist Tertiary Network (South Pacific), of which Fulton College is a member.

Buresala (1905-1939)

Tailevu (1941-2013)

Sabeto (2014-2023)

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