Apply With Us

The Academic Committee has delegated this responsibility to the Registrar to register all sucessful applicants .When the registrar has question she  will consult the specific department concerned. Upon Registrar will report to the Principal and the Academic Committee. Below are some guidelines to help you apply and study with us.

Choose Your Program

Check Your Admission Requirement

Once you’ve chosen the program you want to go to, it’s time to look into the exact requirements to get into that program. These may include documents you need to bring with you.

Submit Your Application and Documents

Think about who will start your reference, who will contact to as for your transcript and who will refer to Fulton Adventist College. After checking the admission deadline, ensure you complete your application.

Receive Your Admission Assessment & Visa information

Once all are complete ,you can submit and wait for the notification from the admission to confirm you with an offer letter that you confirm to be student of Fulton Adventist University college. All foreign students include the married ones are advised to come with the following documents listed below .

Married Students

Married students must also provide the following for their spouse and children:

  1. Birth Certificate 
  2. Medical Certificate 
  3. Marriage Certificate 
  4. Police Clearance (16 years and over)
  5. Two passport photos
  6. Open return airline /ship ticket 

Overseas Students

All Overseas student’s travelling to Fulton from overseas must bring them:
  1. Fully open Tickets
  2. Valid Passport 
  3. Police Clearance 
  4. Medical Certificate
  5. Passport-size photographs
  6. Offer Letter 
  7. Birth Certificate

Information to consider after you apply

Offers of a place at Fulton are open for limited time only, and successful applicants must advise the registrar in writing of their acceptance of the offer .Applicants who omit to advise the college with the given specific time ,amy have their offers withdrawn and the submission office may reallocate them to other applicants.

If you have any inquires or concern, please email or call us from: Monday to Thursday at 8 am to 5pm and Friday at 8am to 12pm

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