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Program Description

The program is primarily designed to enhance a graduate’s ability to take an active role in resourcing the church and/or specific congregations. It does this by providing related studies in biblical, theological, pastoral and complementary disciplines. Together these studies will enhance the graduate’s ability to build effective Christian communities of hope through a deeper understanding of Adventist identity, mission and ministry, through the contextual application of biblical principles in a multi-cultural and multifaith Pacific and through enhanced pastoral care and counseling skills to empower individuals to transform life-crises and personal issues into building blocks for the future.

Theology Administration

Graduates of the Theology program should have a broad skill set and knowledge base. They should be able to apply curriculum information, principles, and abilities to critically evaluate, assess, and critique arguments, ideas, and theories. The program develops critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, encouraging intellectual curiosity, creativity, and openness to new ideas.

Additionally, graduates must communicate effectively and efficiently with varied audiences, displaying outstanding interpersonal communication skills. Good governance and ethical, social, and sustainable environmental obligations are also stressed in the program. Graduates are encouraged to learn ICT.

In addition to intellectual and technological capabilities, the program emphasizes practical skills, including field research. Leadership, teamwork, and time management are also demanded of graduates. Importantly, the training emphasizes Christian ideals and respecting the profession’s principles, values, and ethics. The program produces well-rounded graduates who can traverse the complicated junction of theology, ethics, and modern culture.


Bachelor of Theology

The program is primarily designed to equip graduates to facilitate the search for meaning and purpose in life and holistically serve the Seventh-day Adventist Church and community in the oceanic countries of the South Pacific. It provides a sequential series of studies in the biblical, theological and pastoral disciplines including the personal spiritual formation of the student. Graduates will have a foundation for ordination to pastoral ministry as well as being equipped for further study and specialisation.

Learning Outcomes

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Meet the Theology Faculty

Dr.Limoni Manu

Head Of Department
Senior Lecturer
Phone number : (+679) 2966027

Pr. Eliki Tomalai - Theology
Dr. Tabua Tuima Course Director - Theology
Course Board Secretary Lecturer - Theology
Pr. James Alagappan - Theology

Financial Information for Theology Program

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