Work Education Programme

What is Work Education Program?

A distinctive but vital part of the College is its Work Education Programme. Staff and students to participate willingly in WEP because they view it as: 

  • An opportunity to serve God and man in a practical way. 
  • A means of balancing the program of study and instruction with time for practical and physical activity. 
  • An opportunity to care for the College as part of God’s property and to develop attitudes of careful management. 
  • An opportunity to learn a healthy attitude towards work and to develop self-reliance while working with leaders who can serve as worthy models. 
  • An opportunity to gain satisfaction from work done well. 
  • An opportunity to develop and demonstrate such character traits as promptness, reliability, sense of responsibility and faithfulness.
  • An opportunity to claim God’s promises of His presence and blessing on those who serve and honor Him. 
  • An opportunity to develop qualities of confidence, co-operation and leadership while working in groups. 
  • An opportunity to learn and use valuable skills, many of them related to the work for which the students are preparing for. 
  • An opportunity to contribute, in a visible and practical way, to the financial structures and well-being of the College.


The following guidelines apply to the WEP

  • It is the responsibility of students to see that they have a work department and that their hours are kept up to date. The Director of Student Services and work department supervisors may all assist in helping students, but the ultimate responsibility rests with the students to ensure that work responsibilities are met. 
  • Students are allowed ONLY 2 absences from work per semester due to sickness. If students are sick they should send or take a note from the Dispensary/Hospital/Deans to the work supervisor. If a student is sick for a prolonged period, an application may be made to the Administration Committee for special consideration. In such a case, the Committee may use its discretion to exempt a student from some work hours, but the rest of the hours may have to be paid for in cash.
  • Students should complete the form to advise their Work Supervisor as to the schedule of hours they plan to work.
  • Students should let work supervisors know as early as possible if they are not going to be able to attend work as scheduled. Absence from work without notification to the supervisor is a serious matter. A student involved in providing an essential service who plans to be away from work should arrange with another student and the supervisor for a replacement wherever possible. If the student cannot find another student willing to fill in, he/she should advise the supervisor well in advance so that the supervisor can find a replacement.

WEP Hours

Throughout the semester, students are required to work the following hours:

  • Residential Student : 10 hours per week
  • Married Student : 6 hours per week
  • Day Student : 3 Hours per week or pay $210 per year

Mid-Semester Break

  • Indoor student : 32 hours. per week
  • Married Student : 8 hours. per week

Mid-Year Break

  • Indoor student : 32 hours. per week
  • Married Student : 8 hours. per week

Apart from 4 weeks Annual Leave, denominationally sponsored students will be required to work full-time during breaks as a condition of their sponsorship.

Excess Hours

There is no cash payment for excess hours but it can be redeemed as a ‘time in lieu’ subjected to proper consultation with Work Supervisors.

Deficit Hours and Leave Clearance

Clearance for overnight, Easter and mid-semester breaks will not be given if a student has five (5) or more deficit hours.

Recording of Hours

  • Students are allocated a Work Record Book for the year to record their hours and departments for their Supervisor to sign. Students are expected to use their own book so that they have a complete record of the work throughout the year. Lost books can be replaced at a cost of $8.00.
  • A Work Record Book is also kept by all Supervisors recording details of the times they arrive at and finish work plus details of work done.
  • Work hours must be submitted on Thursday afternoon of each week by the student (or by the supervisors where necessary and applicable) before 6:00pm. Late submissions will incur a penalty of one hour per week.
  • Forging of supervisor’s signature is a serious offence which may incur discipline.

Work Line Departments

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janitor department
maintenance department
library department
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