Message from the University Principal

Updated Tuesday 19th May, 2020.

Dr. Malcolm Coulson

Important Dates.

Greetings from FAUC to you all.

This plan has been reviewed and approved by our College Board and Administrative Committee. We have received endorsement for the practicum dates from the SDA Education system in the TPUM and Fiji, as well as from Fiji Ministry of Education.

The key dates and events are:

  • Finish Semester 1 with exams scheduled for June 1-5;
  • Release Semester 1 grades 21st June 2020;
  • Registration of semester 2 2020, June 24th – June 25th;
  • Commence Semester 2 classes on campus on June 29;
  • Conduct 14 weeks of classes from June 29 to October 2;
  • Semester 2 exam week is scheduled for October 5-9;
  • Practicum for Business, Education and Theology from October 12 to November 13 (ie: 5 weeks);
  • Graduation is still scheduled for November 20-22. Click here to view full message